PREMIUMPACK is always up to date on the latest technology developments. Our modern facility together with sophisticated machine park allows us to manufacture customized packaging products for our customers, tailored to their specific individual needs.
PREMIUMPACK cares about reducing environmental impact through the use of EVOH resins. EVOH is an Ethylene-Vinyl Alcohol Copolymer mainly composed of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. It has no toxic gases when burned, and its combustion heat is only half that of polyethylene, causing little harm to the environment.
When discussing high barrier packaging, it is important to define the properties that ensure the packaged products’ long-term protection from harmful influences. Different compounds and raw materials have their own unique barrier qualities, and the right combination will ensure optimal protection for packaged goods.
At PREMIUMPACK we continuously invest in and utilize the latest and most advanced technology. Our modern, state-of-the-art 9-layer tripple bubble technology, together with a highly qualified and experienced production team, develop exceptional quality and top of market flexible packaging material. Our fully automated production facility ensures a steady and consistent manufacturing process from beginning until the final product. In addition, we use high-grade raw material from top manufacturers guaranteeing a stable high-end production.
In addition to our modern extrusion facility, PREMIUMPACK operates state-of-the-art bag converting machines producing a large range of shrink bags with a variety of seals and packing formats including perforated on a roll, loose, shingled or taped. Our machines are also euqiped with an in-line printing system, allowing us to customize shrink bags to customer requirements.

about us

PREMIUMPACK is the Fresh Food Packaging Producer of 9-Layer High-Barrier Shrink Bag Material. Austrian made and globally distributed, we help protect fresh food’s taste, appearance and shelf life for a better consumer experience.


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