PREMIUMPACK is an essential partner of the food industry as we manufacture nine-layer high-barrier fresh food packaging materials, namely shrink bags and shrink film. Our products are EVOH-based helping the food industry extend shelf life, taste and appearance of their fresh foods. Each product has been specifically designed to meet the various and rigorous demands of the food packaging industry:
The ultra fine and puncture resistant PREMIUMfresh 45 shrink bags and shrink tubing are the superior shelf life package for a diverse range of products including fresh and processed meats, ripened cheese, poultry, and fish. Its shrinking rate of up to 50% makes every packaged product visually appealing. Its advanced EVOH barrier protects products against oxygen and other gasses, which translates into longer shelf life.
The durability, transparency, and high gloss of PREMIUMfresh 75 is the optimal shrink packaging for sharp-edged products, such as bacon, whole chicken or chicken in pieces with bones. PREMIUMfresh 75 is also a great ageing bag for beef and veal. The food industry particularly appreciates PREMIUMfresh 75 as a packaging option for safe shipping. PREMIUMfresh 75 can be found in our diverse product portfolio including shrink bags and shrink tubing.
The technology behind PREMIUMmax is designed for the most demanding puncture resistant conditions for a variety of applications including sharp bone-in meat packaging, while offering optimal shrink rates. PREMIUMmax makes packaging processes more efficient because it eliminates the additional use of bone guards, while the risk of high leaker rates and product recall rates are kept to a minimum. PREMIUMmax can be found in our diverse range of products including shrink bags and shrink tubing.
PREMIUMcheese is a nine-layer shrink bag created for packaging ripening cheeses. Depending on the type of cheese, the O2 and CO2 barrier can be adapted to best support the product’s ripening process, and can be stored for longer periods of time – between six and twelve months, protecting the cheese’s taste and smell. PREMIUMcheese shrink material is available in a diverse range of colors and products including shrink bags and shrink tubing.
PREMIUMflow is a newly developed EVOH based 9-Layer shrink film for any type of Flow Pack machine, dedicated for shrink film applications, and especially designed for upholding our PREMIUMPACK quality under very fast production rates and cycle times. The film is quickly formed on the machine and then vacuumed, sealed and shrunk around the product on a following automatic or semi-automatic vacuum belt machine.
Our PREMIUMform high-barrier EVOH based 9-Layer shrink film is designed for thermoforming machines involving a thermoform, shrinkable bottom film and a shrinkable top film. The product is packed in the form of the bottom film, the bottom form is sealed to the top film, and combined they are vacuumed and sealed and will be shrunken in a following automatic shrink tunnel or tank. This process is exceptionally beneficial when packaging multiple products together in an attractive and uniform package in very fast cycle times.

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PREMIUMPACK is the Fresh Food Packaging Producer of 9-Layer High-Barrier Shrink Bag Material. Austrian made and globally distributed, we help protect fresh food’s taste, appearance and shelf life for a better consumer experience.


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