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Vienna – considered as one of the cities with the highest quality of life, is located on the beautiful blue Danube River surrounded by the Austrian vineyards. PREMIUMPACK is on the outskirts of Vienna in the wine village of Hagenbrunn. One of the great advantages of Hagenbrunn is its air quality resulting from extensive measures of environmental protection, sustainable waste and wastewater management. The city of Vienna and its surroundings are supplied with Viennese spring water from the mountain group Rax- Schneeberg. Efficient filter systems allow a gentle and clean use of this precious resource.

For the benefit of the environment, PREMIUMPACK is committed to actively participate in the highest degree of waste prevention and the efficient use of available resources. For day-to-day PREMIUMPACK operations, resources (raw materials, energy, water, etc.) are used sparingly and with great detail in order to keep the environmental footprint to a minimum. We achieve this through the use of modern technologies, an extensive network and our long-term know-how.

A specially designed waste management system was designed to ensure consistent waste reduction and recycling. PREMIUMPACK works closely with specialists for recycling and waste disposal. Plastics therefore no longer end up in landfills, but will lead to new products. Under the guiding principle of sustainability and the future use and protection of natural resources, environmental protection remains a core value at PREMIUMPACK.

about us

PREMIUMPACK is the Fresh Food Packaging Producer of 9-Layer High-Barrier Shrink Bag Material. Austrian made and globally distributed, we help protect fresh food’s taste, appearance and shelf life for a better consumer experience.


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