PREMIUMPACK shrink material and shrink bags can be found in various formats depending on our customer’s specific application and packaging process needs. Whether packaging fresh meat, sausage, meat with sharp bone, high gassing cheese, or if your processes include manual or automated packaging; no matter the size or the volume, we have the custom made packaging material to fit your needs. Please navigate below to help find the appropriate product and format for your food packaging process:
PREMIUMPACK shrink bags and shrink bag material are specifically designed to protect a wide range of products. Below is a list of commonly packaged products with our recommended shrink bag usage:
PREMIUMPACK’s range of products includes shrink bags made from the following tubing: PREMIUMfresh 45, PREMIUMfresh 75, PREMIUMmax and PREMIUMcheese.

Our state-of-the-art bag making machines can produce a wide range of bags designed for a variety of applications or specific packaging needs:
PREMIUMPACK shrink tubing is the product of our highly developed 9-Layer Technology and designed in various widths and layer structures for our diverse range of products: PREMIUMfresh 45, PREMIUMfresh 75, PREMIUMmax and PREMIUMcheese. Our shrink tubing is made transparent, in red and yellow, and in custom colors upon request.
PREMIUMPACK shrink film, including PREMIUMflow and PREMIUMform, is specially designed for high production rates and cycle times where the film is apart of the automated food packaging process, as the film is quickly formed, vacuumed, sealed and shrunk around the product. Our film can be used on all Flow Pack and Thermoforming machines designed to handle shrink film.
All PREMIUMPACK products can be finished with a variety of print designs. Choose from a large selection of printing options, ranging from one-color in-line printing on one side to full-surface printing in up to eight colors covering both sides, in centered printing or endless printing formats.

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PREMIUMPACK is the Fresh Food Packaging Producer of 9-Layer High-Barrier Shrink Bag Material. Austrian made and globally distributed, we help protect fresh food’s taste, appearance and shelf life for a better consumer experience.


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